“Nutritional Grail is among the best ancestral health books to hit shelves in years, and in my mind it’s set a new standard.” Eric Garza, PhD, Weston A. Price Foundation Co-Leader, Burlington, VT Chapter

Critical Acclaim For Nutritional Grail...

“Nutritional Grail is a masterpiece. This book is the most comprehensive review of the literature relating to nutrition that I have ever read. Nutritional Grail is not only informative, but it arms you with real-life suggestions to better your health with each flip of the page. If you want to live a longer, healthier life, I highly suggest you read Nutritional Grail. It will change your life!James J. DiNicolantonio, PharmD, Cardiovascular Research Scientist, Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute

One of the most well researched books to tackle the myths of nutrition and simplify its definition and concept, Nutritional Grail shows how to make sound decisions about diet, minimizing risks and avoiding problematic food choices. I highly recommend reading it and applying its advice.” Mohammed Redha Hadjoub, MD, Cardiologist and Head of the Medical Institute of Constantine, Algeria

Nutritional Grail is a fantastic book. In it Clark outlines a very comprehensive review of the best articles on nutrition in a readable style. As a Medical Scientist I have the same conclusions as Christopher and only wish I had the book earlier so I could refer to it. I personally think it should be made required reading as a text book for all doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, naturopaths and herbalists since it is so full of accurate and unbiased information.” Gerald Veurink, PhD, Medical Science, author of A Radical Approach to Treating Degenerative Diseases

“Nutritional Grail stands apart from most books on nutrition. Clark’s prose is sharp, focused and clear, making the 200+ page book an easy read. He’s also done his homework; the book contains hundreds of references to support key ideas. Nutritional Grail is among the best ancestral health books to hit bookstore shelves in years, and in my mind it’s set a new standard that future authors will have to work to meet.” Eric Garza, PhD, Weston A. Price Foundation Co-Leader, Burlington, VT

I find the author's approach to be spot on and very direct. Nutritional Grail is a must read book and very highly recommended for those who have health problems. It’s a true gem in the nutritional world and I highly recommend it to my students and community.Zahia Doghmane Hadjoub, PhD, Professor of Physics, Annaba University, Algeria

“I wish I had Clark’s Nutritional Grail 4 years ago when I made a commitment to transform my health. This book takes thousands of hours of nutritional research and digests it for you into an easy to read format. My personal research has led to similar conclusions but if I had this book earlier I would have saved both time and money. This book is a sound investment for improving your health. I highly recommend reading it.” Deepak Mohan, MD, Board Certified Pathologist

“I found the detail and the research that went into this book second to none. The content was also explained to the reader in a fun way which was interesting and held plenty of key facts at the same time. By far, this is the best book of its genre that I have read in a long time and well worth reading.” Lisa Jones for Readers’ Favorite

“Nutritional Grail is a fact-based account of the things we are unknowingly putting into our bodies, and the consequences of those choices. Gone are the annoying ‘personal stories’ contained in most diet books. Clark isn’t trying to convince you that his way is ‘the way.’ He is giving you the science and letting you decide for yourself.Stephanie Chandler, Founder of Authority Publishing and the Nonfiction Authors Association

“Nutritional Grail is a nice balance of science and practical application to promote healthy nutrition. I recommend the book to my patients and the feedback is very positive.” Craig A. Backs, MD

“A very good introduction to nutritional science and related history, one that should be required reading for every high school and college graduate.Ellen K. Rudolph, Doctor of Education

“As a doctor who has invested over $60,000 in diploma level nutrition, anti-aging and health certifications, I can tell you that this book will give you much of what you need to live a long and healthy life.” Isaac Jones, DC, MNS, Founder of Designer Health Centers

A well researched, thought provoking, easy read. The nutritional literature can be a hard place to find your way around, but Clark’s ‘Grail’ is a good place to start.” Jeffrey M. Zaks, MD, Board Certified Cardiologist

Well versed in research and logic, it’s the perfect blend for any reader seeking to deepen their knowledge or uncover new information regarding nutrition and health.” Jamie Richards, DC, CEO of Life By Design

“[Clark] takes a scientific approach, explaining in great detail, according the latest nutritional research, which foods are most healthy and which are most problematic.” Jean-Luc Morel, MD, President of the French Association of Morpho-Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging

“As a nutritionist, I have seen with my clients that it is not always as easy as just cleaning up your diet. Chris does a great job of explaining proper food choices and how to minimize environmental toxins in an easy to understand format. I highly recommend reading the Nutritional Grail.” Kevin Cann, MS, CN, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist

“A clear, informed and honest discussion of the principles of nutrition and how they have/have not evolved. Of use to expert and layman alike, you will not need another book on this subject.Shahram Chubin, PhD, Carnegie Endowment Nonresident Senior Associate

You'll learn a lot and like what you'll read in Nutritional Grail.” Jimmy Moore, Living La Vida Low-Carb Founder

“Clark has produced a book that brings forth the myths and misconceptions of current nutritional thinking in a straight forward, neutral way. The information he provides is well researched, and provides practical information that could influence the choices of food that you make for both yourself and family for long term health and wellbeing.” Gary Hardy, ND



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